DAZ 3D programs – get them while they're free

DAZ 3D is perhaps best known for selling female 3D models and related accessories for use with 3D posing software, such as its own DAZ Studio. It also owns several 3D programs, and is currently giving three of them for free, for a limited time. For people who want to get into 3D, these can be a good start. Given for free are Daz Studio 4 Pro, where the aforementioned models (and others) can be posed, dressed and animated, Bryce 7 Pro, a landscape generator, and Hexagon 2.5, a modeller. They’re free, so there’s no excuse not to try them.

The reason I mention these is that I used to play with 3D software, and even paid for some of it (including Poser 2) when I was younger and had more time to play around with that kind of stuff. I still think it’s quite a bit of fun, and getting software that isn’t a cut down version for free is pretty cool.

The deal ends at the end of March, so hurry up and get it.

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