I'm giving away the Be Mine Indie Bundle

I usually buy a spare copy of indie game bundles so I can give it away later. Or in the case of the Indie Gala 2, with its 4 for 1 “happy hours”, several spare copies. Unfortunately with the Be Mine bundle it looks like the bundle is tied to an e-mail, at least according to the support person I chatted with, which means that gifts need to be sent to a particular person, instead of hoarded and sent later.

I’ve been told that it’s okay to buy another copy and give the Steam keys off that, but since that will not give the recipient access to the music which should become available once the bundle reaches $50,000, I figured I will go another way, and raffle the bundle before I buy it. So I will run the raffle for 5 days, which will then leave enough time (barring technical difficulties) to buy the bundle for the winner.

So if you lack even the minimal amount of money, or the means (PayPal, credit card) to buy, head over to my Facebook page and enter. There’s no need to like the page to enter (but what’s not to like?).

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