Going mainstream

I have to admit, I enjoy using stuff that’s not mainstream. I like finding out that special software or platform which looks to fit my needs, which I will dedicate time to getting to know and tailor in non-standard ways. I don’t like going the easy way.

But sometimes that’s not the best way to go. Sometimes going with a well known platform makes things easier, and that makes them work. I learned that when I created my Facebook page to post about giveaways I come across. Facebook isn’t the perfect platform for what I want. I’d love to let people sort giveaways by ending date and eligibility, for example, and that’s just not possible on Facebook. But it’s easy enough to post and reach people, and that’s the most important thing. If the list wasn’t on Facebook, I would probably have quit it a while ago.

Which is why I decided to move to WordPress for my site. I liked glFusion and even customised it a bit when I used it. At some point I even thought of becoming a contributor. When I decided to switch to Tiki Wiki it was because all the features in one place in a way that’s appealing to me. But it’s too much work, and all I really want to do at its base it post the occasional blog post and have a few pages about me. WordPress can handle this easily, and the good thing about it is that because it’s so common everything just works with it. I should have no problem posting Rafflecopter giveaways on these pages. I would not need to do extra work to integrate Disqus with it. Everything should just work.

I might not be able to easily do some things I could have done otherwise, but I have to face it: I just don’t have the time to play with these things that I once had, and it’s likely that I won’t get to do many of them even if I wanted. Even on the old version of the site I had incomplete pages and features. It’s better to use a platform that does the main things easily and doesn’t get in the way.

I hope this will mean more posts and a faster rebuilding of the site. It’s by no means guaranteed, but I think it’s currently the right decision.

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