What would you like me to post?

I like giveaways which is why I share them on my Facebook page. I post mainly giveaways that interest me (even if I’m not eligible). I normally post PC hardware giveaways, and occasionally some others. I don’t post any giveaways which require having specific hardware to enter, such as a specific brand of product or overclocking and folding contests, unless they also give random prizes.

Given that my number of fans have grown I decided to ask you, my fans, what you’d like me to post. Are you interested in more varied hardware, such as smartphones or even media players? Are you interested in winning even small, inexpensive things? Would more game related posts interest you?

The poll can’t be comprehensive, of course. Feel free to add comments and clarifications on this post or on Facebook. Note that I’m not ignoring Mac giveaways, just bundling them as PC hardware. I apologise if this is a too PC oriented point of view. Note also that I will always only be able to post giveaways I come across, and these often come from PC hardware websites, because these are the sites I frequent.

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