Would you pay $1000 for Faerie Solitaire 2?

Faerie Solitaire was the non-MMO game I played the most last year (as I mentioned in my year or gaming post on the old site), so I was pretty excited to see that Faerie Solitare 2 will arrive shortly. Developers Subsoap took a page out of the Kickstarter book and are offering a multitude of packages starting from $10 and ending at $1000, giving all sort of bonuses as well as access to the pre-release game starting at the end of this month. I couldn’t resist temptation and bought the $10 Collector’s Edition (the lowest tier), and was pleasantly surprised to find out I will also get an extra copy to gift (the sneaky devs didn’t mention it up front).

With all these Kickstarters and special offers, it looks like my resolution to reduce game spending won’t hold. I’m not gaming right now, so these expenses look unwarranted, but I will probably play some of that Faerie Solitaire 2 when I have access to it.

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