Those darn Kickstarters are eating my money

Last year I spent $100 in total on PC games (for 36 games IIRC, that year in gaming summary post has been lost with the previous version of the site). This year I already passed that, and Kickstarter is largely to blame (with Steam Gifts taking another part of the blame). I’m not one of the people paying hundreds of dollars, but considering that most of the games I bought last year were under $5, and the most I paid for a game total (City of Heroes MMO) was about $15, the $30 I paid for both the Double Fine Adventure and Wasteland 2 are way beyond what I would have expected.

Still, it’s pretty exciting to be part of something new, and these Kickstarters can be quite good value for money. In the case of games I’m sure that waiting a few years will allow me to get them for $5 or less, and there’s a chance I won’t play them until the drop that low (simply because my gaming time is very limited), but they still come with so much stuff (videos, concept art, etc.) that I feel like it’s not a complete waste of money. Took me about 6 hours to watch the 20 minute first video of the Double Fine Adventure, but I watched it, and I’m happy I did.

One Kickstarter I’m backing (which is about to end in 2-3 days) is particularly good value for money. It’s called Spirit of the Century Presents: The Dinocalypse Trilogy, and for $10 it will get you 7 e-book novels plus two RPG books.

Another Kickstarter I’m backing which will give me nothing but satisfaction is the Hermes Spacecraft. These guys are just looking for a little money to create a bigger prototype of their rocket engine to get more investment money, and I’d love it if that managed to get that money. Unfortunately it looks like they’re not getting enough interest.

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