Lowendia.com now registered at NameSilo

I’ve been moving my domains out of GoDaddy. I don’t like the “get a special deal just today” kind of sales, nor all the products being pushed at me. For my main domain, et3d.com, this also meant getting more e-mails, because GoDaddy’s forwarding has spam filtering, and it lost me e-mails.

Internet.bs is cheap and has a simple interface, which I liked. Unfortunately when I tried to move lowendia.com there I didn’t get one of the mails I needed, and the e-mail support I got was totally incompetent, so I asked for a refund (which annoyingly I got as credit, although I can live with that).

After a bit of research I decided to try NameSilo. The transfer was easy, and it even set the name servers to what they were set at GoDaddy, which was cool. The service itself seems quite limited. No e-mail forwarding, and I couldn’t find how to set advanced things like MX records. Luckily I don’t need all that right now.

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