The Minimal 2200G Build – 2x4GB is better (and power options do work)

Yeah, we all know that. I installed the new 4GB stick and ran Metro, FurMark and Prime95. Both Metro and FurMark ran about twice as fast, but they also took more power. Metro ran about 95-105W, vs. 80-90W with 4GB.

FurMark + Prime95 started at 125W but then dropped to 105W, same as the 4GB power consumption, and stayed there. FurMark went up from around 12 FPS to about the full speed of 23 FPS, stayed there a while and then dropped back. Now it’s running at 19 FPS. I’m not sure what the deal is there. I can imagine that the drop in power has to do with the CPU getting throttled (not sure why it took time), but the FPS switch is stranger.

I installed Ryzen Master and saw that the CPU cores are running about 3100Mhz (+-25MHz). Ryzen Master claimed that the CPU was taking around 20W. It then crossed my mind that perhaps the power options in the BIOS simply didn’t kick in because power wasn’t high enough with only 4GB of RAM.

So I went to the BIOS and switched the power from 45W to Auto. Power when running FurMark + Prime95 jumped to 135-140W. FurMark didn’t go up in frame rate. In fact, it continues its strange behaviour of jumping between frame rates and staying there fore a while. GPU clock is significantly (around 150MHz) higher, but it makes no difference. I’m assuming that RAM is the bottleneck here. If that’s the case, it means that power use could be improved by dropping the GPU clock when it’s bottlenecked anyway.

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