The Minimal 2200G Build – The 5750 breathes again

I found out what the problem was with the Radeon HD 5750. Somehow some case cables got into the fan, and stopped it from moving. With that out of the way, benchmarking can commence. Except that I don’t have much time for this right now.

Here’s the poor guy, now free of fan obstructions. (It’s the cables at the bottom here, near the ASRock labeled heatsink, which got into the fan.)


And just for fun, here’s a picture of the RAM, in beautifully matching red and white.


In other good news

While searching for DDR2 RAM to upgrade my brother-in-law’s PC (haven’t yet found all of it), I found the charger for the Canon PowerShot ELPH 310 HS which was my old camera. Unlike my daughter’s Canon IXUS 145 it can record video at 1080p, so if I end up filming the cheapowatt again, it might look a little better. No plans for it at the moment, though.

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