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I'm giving away the Be Mine Indie Bundle

I usually buy a spare copy of indie game bundles so I can give it away later. Or in the case of the Indie Gala 2, with its 4 for 1 “happy hours”, several spare copies. Unfortunately with the Be Mine bundle it looks like the bundle is tied to an e-mail, at least according to the support person I chatted with, which means that gifts need to be sent to a particular person, instead of hoarded and sent later.

I’ve been told that it’s okay to buy another copy and give the Steam keys off that, but since that will not give the recipient access to the music which should become available once the bundle reaches $50,000, I figured I will go another way, and raffle the bundle before I buy it. So I will run the raffle for 5 days, which will then leave enough time (barring technical difficulties) to buy the bundle for the winner.

So if you lack even the minimal amount of money, or the means (PayPal, credit card) to buy, head over to my Facebook page and enter. There’s no need to like the page to enter (but what’s not to like?).

Enlightenus mini review and giveaway

I just finished playing Enlightenus, a casual adventure game, and since I enjoyed it I decided to give away a license to it.

Calling Enlightenus an adventure may be a stretch. It is very light on story and has no character interaction. The premise is that you’re in another world where an author’s pages have been lost, and you need to find these pages and fix the scenes by using a selection of items with the correct object in the scene. Solving these scenes give you buttons which you need to place in the correct places in pictures around the world, which in turn opens either more pages or objects you can place in other places to open more stuff. You can also occasionally find such objects in the world.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. The game is rather easy and pretty short, which is why I finished it. The story page scenes is what appealed to me in this game. The scenes are well drawn and often have humorous elements. I could imagine how they really represent scenes from an interesting story that’s been written.

Well, that’s it as far as this review goes. I bought the game at Shockwave Games, and it currently costs just $1. Still, I’m sure there are many of you who’d appreciate getting it for no money at all, so I’m giving away a copy.

Unfortunately I’ve been unable to convince Tiki Wiki to show the raffle’s Javascript in all its glory, so the giveaway is available on my Facebook page. You don’t have to like the page to see it.

If you want to see some images of the game (I might add a couple later on to this review), check the Big Fish Games store page for the game.

DAZ 3D programs – get them while they're free

DAZ 3D is perhaps best known for selling female 3D models and related accessories for use with 3D posing software, such as its own DAZ Studio. It also owns several 3D programs, and is currently giving three of them for free, for a limited time. For people who want to get into 3D, these can be a good start. Given for free are Daz Studio 4 Pro, where the aforementioned models (and others) can be posed, dressed and animated, Bryce 7 Pro, a landscape generator, and Hexagon 2.5, a modeller. They’re free, so there’s no excuse not to try them.

The reason I mention these is that I used to play with 3D software, and even paid for some of it (including Poser 2) when I was younger and had more time to play around with that kind of stuff. I still think it’s quite a bit of fun, and getting software that isn’t a cut down version for free is pretty cool.

The deal ends at the end of March, so hurry up and get it.

Back, sort of

Backup, backup, backup. That’s the lesson I will probably never learn. Namepad managed to delete my site by mistake, with all its data and the backups on the site. I had no local backup, so all I could do was try to fish bits out of Google’s cache.

Well, I’m back now, still on Namepad (well, they’re nice and offer a lot of features for free hosting). I’ll have to reconstruct the site. It will look and feel different, because I’m also switching from glFusion to Tiki Wiki. Why? Because I like to learn new things, and because Tiki Wiki has a good combination of power and ease of use. That’s unfortunately coupled with a terrible website and documentation and apparently not that much help, compared to glFusion which has very nice developers and a decent site. I’ll wait and see how this pans out.

The site for now will be rather bare. I will have to learn how to add various types of content and then add that content. Hopefully in the end it will be at least as good as the last site.